The Amazing Realm

The nigh perfect shot of Mount Fuji, without Mount Fuji!

Remember the story of the spider and Robert Bruce? Well, the simple moral dictum is also applicable in the case of photographer Kris J B, as he ultimately succeeded in the capturing the magnificent shot of the Mount Fuji - or rather the glorious shadow of this fascinating monument of nature. (more…)

The 10 most majestic specimens of bioluminescent organisms

In the mysterious depths of the sea as on land there lurk certain creatures whose beauty will leave you spellbound. The physical manifestation of this beauty is in the form of brilliantly gleaming lights that can illuminate entire sea beds and water surface. This phenomenon is called Bioluminescence, an intriguing biochemical process that causes living…

The 8 most fascinating yet savage flesh eating plants

It is indeed intriguing to note the sheer diversity of the plant kingdom, with its staggering 250,000 species of flowering plants or Angiosperms, around 25,000 to 30,000 different types of Orchidaceae and hundreds of species of Gymnosperms and Bryophytes. Although fascinating in their own right, the flesh eating plants represent another, quite bizarre, face of…