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3D printed embryonic stem cell ‘building blocks’ uniformly created in lab

Last year, we talked about how collaborators from the Universities of Stanford, Harvard, Sydney and MIT had taken the first step in reproducing the complex human vasculature by bioprinting technology. Well this time around, a new group of scientists from Tsingua University in China and Drexel University in Philadelphia have made progress in a similar…


MIT’s conceptualized Mars habitat makes use of ‘native’ silica on the alien planet

When it comes to Mars habitat conceptions, we have been witness to various innovative designs ranging from Fabulous' Sfero House to Foster + Partners' Regolith-Based Dwelling. Well, this time around, we have had a gander at another incredible design entry put forth in NASA’s recently-held 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge. The so-named Ouroboros conception was created by…

The 3D printed Strati car boasts of both electric and economic credentials

There is always more to every automobile that its mere physical specimen. We are of course talking about the economics behind producing a car, and how it involves wastage of resources and labor on many levels. But what about a car that avoids many of such manufacturing predicaments, and still manages to look spunky? Well,…

Vimal Patel_LEGO_3D_Printer_HandHeld

Designer crafts a custom LEGO 3D printer that can extrude 3D filaments

What to do when you are asked by your university to cough up a complex project crafted from bio-degradable filaments with three-dimensional printer attributes? Well, if you are Vimal Patel, you improvise. Basing his resultant project on 'Momomateriality' - a scope which espouses products to be made from a single material to save carbon output…


RaspBMO: A BMO-inspired video game emulator powered by Raspberry Pi

BMO (or Beemo) has already played its part as a video game console in the Adventure Time series - and this obviously has to do with its Game Boy Color-inspired form that comes with Atari 2600 controllers. Well, this time around, Mike Barretta (3Derp) of Thingiverse has gone the meta way to create a real…

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