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French company, Fabulous, envisions Martian habitats as 3D-printed Sfero domes

Few days back, we talked about an ongoing simulated Mars mission, in which a group of six volunteers will be spending the next twelve months in complete isolation, inside a dome habitat on the slopes of Hawaii’s Mauna Loa volcano. As part of another NASA-funded experiment, inviting new and innovative designs for 3D-printed Martian habitats,…

Vimal Patel_LEGO_3D_Printer_HandHeld

Designer crafts a custom LEGO 3D printer that can extrude 3D filaments

What to do when you are asked by your university to cough up a complex project crafted from bio-degradable filaments with three-dimensional printer attributes? Well, if you are Vimal Patel, you improvise. Basing his resultant project on 'Momomateriality' - a scope which espouses products to be made from a single material to save carbon output…

WASP_3D printer_House_Mud_5

WASP’s special 3D printer can create houses out of locally-available mud

In the realm of organic builders, the mud dauber is a particular family of tiny wasps that are capable of constructing their own 'house' with mud. Inspired by this natural scope, Massimo Moretti formed his own organization World’s Advanced Saving Project (or WASP) - and its designers have developed the means to 3D print entire…


3D printed blood vessels: One step closer to developing artificial organs

A major ongoing project in the field of biomedical engineering is 3D bioprinting, a highly intricate process of recreating cell and tissue patterns, in a laboratory, in order to produce artificial organs. By employing this concept, scientists have successfully constructed jawbones, tracheas and even urinary bladders from existing stem cells. (more…)

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