Abu Dhabi

Scientists In Abu Dhabi Are Using Sand To Store Solar Energy-4

Scientists in Abu Dhabi are using sand to store solar energy

A team of researchers in Abu Dhabi has developed an innovative new technology that uses sand to store solar energy. Known as Sandstock, the project aims to reduce costs associated with the conversion of solar power into usable electricity. Using locally-sourced sand to store sun's energy, according to the scientists, is not only cheaper, but also…


Abu Dhabi’s Al Aziz Mosque morphs into a luminous masterpiece during night

Previously, we have talked about how modern architecture has played its crucial role in endowing definite design credentials to churches, like St Henry’s Ecumenical Art Chapel (in Finland) and the Cardedeu Chapel (in El Salvador). Well, this time around, technological flair has caught up with Islamic architectural styles - as is evident from the fascinating…

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