34-Million-Year-Old fossil Remains Lead To The Discovery Of A New Species Of Carnivore-1

34-million-year-old fossil remains lead to the discovery of a new species of prehistoric carnivorous mammals

Researchers studying Egyptian fossils have discovered an entirely new species of prehistoric carnivorous mammals known as hyaenodonts. According to the study, recently published in the PLOS ONE journal, these fascinating creatures can be regarded as predecessors of modern-day terrestrial carnivores, residing in places across Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. Hyaenodonts, however, were a group…

Hippo Rollers Make Clean Water More Accessible In Rural Africa-5

Hippo Water Rollers make clean water more accessible to people in rural Africa

Water scarcity is a very real problem for people residing in rural parts of Africa and elsewhere. Even today, millions live without proper access to clean water, having to walk several miles each day to collect safe, drinking water. Originally developed back in 1991, the Hippo Water Roller makes the task of carrying large amounts…


World’s first farmers were insects not humans, new research reveals

A major milestone in the history of humankind is the emergence of agriculture. It is commonly believed that humans started farming some 10,000 years ago in what is now Turkey and the Middle East. According to a new research, however, the history of human agriculture is almost minuscule in comparison to the millions of years…

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