Watch: Scorpion-3, world’s first manned hoverbike is ready to take flight

Meet the Scorpion-3 (S-3), the badass hoverbike that could be your next mode of transportation. Designed by the team at Hoversurf, the prototype single-seat aircraft was unveiled in a recent video posted on the company’s website. A cross between a conventional motorbike and a giant quadcopter, this innovative piece of machinery can effortlessly lift into…

Airline Develops Zero-Emission Hydrogen Fuel System For Aircraft-3

European airline develops zero-emission hybrid hydrogen fuel system for aircraft

European airline easyJet is working with Cranfield University students to develop an advanced hybrid hydrogen fuel system that can function at zero emissions. If adopted, the technology could help save up to 50,000 tonnes (around 55,115 tons) of aircraft fuel each year, while also reducing environmentally-harmful CO2 emissions. According to the developers, the system will…

Ejecting Rescue Capsule Could Make Air Travel Safer-1

Engineer envisions ejecting rescue capsules for safer air travel

While air travel has become quite common these days, concerns over safety still prevent many of us from availing this cheap and convenient means of transport. With the aim of making civil aviation safer, Ukraine-based engineeer Vladimir Tatarenko has come up with an innovative concept, involving a specially-designed rescue container that could potentially help passengers…

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