The imposing Ravel Plaza Amsterdam from MVRDV, fuses glass with greenery

The shimmering flatness of glass complemented by jutting angular balconies - this in a nutshell defines the visual impact of Ravel Plaza Amsterdam, a foliage-covered high-rise complex conceptualized for the city's financial district. Proposed by Rotterdam-based architectural firm MVRDV (in collaboration with property developer OVG Real Estate), the incredible design was ceremoniously selected by the…

Ghost Ship_visualSKIN_2

The ‘Ghost Ship’ fulfills the fantastical scope of an entire 17th century ship projected with water

A water-made Flying Dutchman? Well, the 'Ghost Ship' installation from Romanian architecture studio visualSKIN pertains to this otherworldly ambit, with the entire display 'floating' on a canal in Amsterdam. In case you are wondering - the ship embodiment was achieved by projecting water in two curtains. This dual scope of layering endowed the final illusion…

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