Ancient Egypt

Pharaoh Senebkay Died In Battle 3600 Years Ago_1

Yes, Pharaohs died in battles too – as archaeologists find out!

In terms of history, the Second Intermediate Period pertains to around hundred years (from 1650 BC to 1550 BC) when Ancient Egypt fell into a state of disarray after the so-called invasion of the Hyksos people. As a result, numerous local kingdoms cropped up in different areas of the fertile land - with one of…

King_Tut_Beard_Wrongly Fixed_1

King Tut’s fashionably long beard is wrongly fixed, after it broke off

One of the defining features of Tutankhamun (or more precisely, his burial mask) is obviously the tapering, slender beard that ostentatiously flaunts its blue and gold vibe. But in spite of this opulence, vanity it seems was never to be. Back in October of 2014, the braided extension of the famed mask was reportedly broken…

Oldest Gospel_ Mummy Mask_1

Researchers salvage what might be the oldest Gospel in existence

According to historical estimation, the Gospel of Mark was written during the 1st century (at least before 90 AD). To put things into perspective, this period is more than a decade earlier than the oldest extant gospel (dating from 2nd century AD). But now researchers have been able to salvage a fragment of the so-called…

Rock carving of an unidentified Pharaoh discovered in Gebel el Sisila, Egypt

What may seem like a rudimentary carving upon a nondescript rock, pertains to a still unidentified Pharaoh who might have lived after the period of 11th century BC. The fascinating discovery was made by Sweden's Lund University archaeologists, within the sandstone quarries of Gebel el Sisila. These are located north of Aswan, and were used…

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