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Ancient foods

Ancient foods: 9 of the oldest enduring recipes from history still in use today

Food is so much more than just a source of nourishment and subsistence. Its richness colors culture, history and even literature. Its coalescing prowess brings people together into communities by creating a sense of familiarity and brotherhood. Some might go so far as to say that food is one of the major forces forging national…

Researchers study ancient jar handles to record changes in Earth's magnetic field strength-3

Researchers study ancient jar handles to record changes in Earth’s magnetic field strength

Researchers from the University of California, Israel's Tel Aviv University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have logged the strength of Earth's magnetic field over a 600-year-long period, using jar handles dating back to ancient times. By analyzing the iron oxide particles in these artifacts, the scientists have successfully determined the planet's geomagnetic field over…

Maya Royal Tomb Found In Belize Points To Little-Known 'Snake Dynasty'-1

Maya royal tomb discovered in Belize points to little-known ‘snake dynasty’

Archaeologists have recently discovered what seems to be one of the largest royal Maya tombs found so far. Unearthed in Belize, the ancient tomb housed animal bone fragments, several pieces of obsidian as well as a male skeleton. According to the researchers, hieroglyphs along the walls of the royal tomb could help uncover valuable information…


Capital of ancient Roman territory of Dacia to undergo EUR 4.5 million restoration

Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa (or Colonia Ulpia Traiana Augusta Dacica Sarmizegetusa) was the capital and the largest settlement in Roman-controlled Dacia (mainly corresponding to modern Romania and Moldova), with its name partially derived from Sarmizegetusa – the former religious and political center of Dacia. Founded during the reign of Trajan, possibly between 106-107 AD – when…

Ancient Rock Art Found In The Caribbean Island Of Montserrat-1

Hikers accidentally uncover ancient rock art in the Caribbean island of Montserrat

Intricate petroglyphs, nearly 1,500 years old, have been discovered in the Caribbean island of Montserrat. The ancient carvings are the first of their kind to be found in the Lesser Antilles island, with similar markings previously seen in the northern part of South America as well as certain regions in the Caribbean. According to archaeologists,…

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