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‘Laptop theory’ might just be debunked for the ancient Greek grave relief

Many conspiracy theorists have the tendency to associate historical objects with what is perceived as modern-day technology – purely by their comparative visual forms. One of the famous examples would of course pertain to the Mayan sarcophagus lid of Pakal that ‘sort of’ looked like an ancient astronaut surrounded by a bevy of contraptions (thus…


An ancient prosthetic leg with unique design discovered in China

The core technological value of mechanical science was not really lost on our ancestors, as is evident from numerous historical applications ranging from advanced weaponry to robust automatons. But this time around things take a more conscientious turn with archaeologists excavating a 2,200-year old prosthetic leg specimen that was specially furnished for its user with…

Our DNA Could Likely Shed More Light On Ancient History-1

New study shows that our DNA contains valuable information about ancient history

Paleogenetics is a branch of science that relies on the analysis of ancient DNA to reconstruct the past. More often than not, well-preserved genetic material, of ancient organisms, is quite hard to come by. Often times, researchers have to look at other historical sources, like documents, artifacts, legends and buildings, to get a clearer picture…

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