Ancient Rome


12 incredible facts you should know about the Roman gladiators

Often viewed as the working class heroes of the Roman society, the gladiators have surely seen their fair share of screen time in our modern-day popular media. However, beyond grand spectacles and bloody feats, the very nature of gladiatorial contests alluded to the 'institutionalization of violence' ingrained in the Roman society since its tribal days.…

Ancient Rome May Have Been Bigger Than Previously Thought-1

Remains of 2,500-year-old residence suggests that ancient Rome was much bigger than previously thought

The recent discovery of a large, 2500-year-old residence, in the central part of Rome, points to the possibility that the ancient city was considerably bigger than previously thought. Found on the Quirinal Hill, somewhere between modern-day Via Veneto street and the Termini train station, the ancient rectangular house is remarkably well-intact, complete with clay-smeared walls,…

Emperor Nero's_ rotating dining room

Emperor Nero’s fabled rotating dining room is finally unearthed

Emperor Nero who ruled from 54 to 68 AD, was believed to have a myriad of personality idiosyncrasies, ranging from occasions of disturbing sadism to bouts of ludicrous delusions. After all, many Romans held him responsible for the Great Fire of Rome, while evidences are also found pertaining to early Christians being burned in his…

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