34-Million-Year-Old fossil Remains Lead To The Discovery Of A New Species Of Carnivore-1

34-million-year-old fossil remains lead to the discovery of a new species of prehistoric carnivorous mammals

Researchers studying Egyptian fossils have discovered an entirely new species of prehistoric carnivorous mammals known as hyaenodonts. According to the study, recently published in the PLOS ONE journal, these fascinating creatures can be regarded as predecessors of modern-day terrestrial carnivores, residing in places across Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. Hyaenodonts, however, were a group…


Bejeweled silk-wrapped body uncovered at 1,500-year-old cemetery along Silk Route

Archaeological excavations at China’s Inner Mongolia region have uncovered a series of fascinating finds, including a silk-wrapped body dating back to the era of the Northern Wei dynasty and an ornate silver bowl with engravings of Greek gods. Found at a 1,500-year-old cemetery, the discovery shows how trading of goods and valuables took place along…

Researchers study ancient jar handles to record changes in Earth's magnetic field strength-3

Researchers study ancient jar handles to record changes in Earth’s magnetic field strength

Researchers from the University of California, Israel's Tel Aviv University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have logged the strength of Earth's magnetic field over a 600-year-long period, using jar handles dating back to ancient times. By analyzing the iron oxide particles in these artifacts, the scientists have successfully determined the planet's geomagnetic field over…

Maya Royal Tomb Found In Belize Points To Little-Known 'Snake Dynasty'-1

Maya royal tomb discovered in Belize points to little-known ‘snake dynasty’

Archaeologists have recently discovered what seems to be one of the largest royal Maya tombs found so far. Unearthed in Belize, the ancient tomb housed animal bone fragments, several pieces of obsidian as well as a male skeleton. According to the researchers, hieroglyphs along the walls of the royal tomb could help uncover valuable information…

340-year-old cheese found under the ocean has a surprisingly 'pleasant' smell-8

340-year-old cheese found under the ocean has a surprisingly ‘pleasant’ smell

Little over a month after archaeologists discovered a 2,000-year-old lump of butter in the Irish peat bog, a team of divers has stumbled upon what seems to be 340-year-old cheese, while surveying a 17th-century shipwreck in the Baltic Sea. Interestingly, the leader of the expedition Lars Einarsson described the centuries-old diary product as having quite a "pleasant"…

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