45,000-Year-Old Remains Of A Mammoth Could Alter Known Human History-1

The 45,000-year-old remains of a giant mammoth could alter known human history

The 45,000-year-old remains of a giant mammoth, discovered in a remote area in central Siberia, threatens to challenge our understanding of human history. Although remarkably well-preserved underneath a permafrost embankment near the Arctic Ocean, the carcass contained several signs of weapon-inflicted trauma, possibly caused by hunters. The discovery, according to the archaeologists, indicates that human…

Monks Fabricated King Arthur's Legends, New Study Says-2

Medieval monks fabricated King Arthur’s legends to raise funds, new study says

A four-year-long research, conducted by archaeologists from the University of Reading, has revealed some startling anomalies regarding the Arthurian history. According to the study, King Arthur’s grave, believed to have been found by monks back in 1181, is nothing but a rubble-filled pit. Furthermore, the structure, which has long been regarded as the earliest Christian…

Archaeologists Unearth Ancient Roman Amphitheater In Tuscany-1

Ancient Roman amphitheater, used for gladiator fights, found in Volterra, Tuscany

A team of Italian archaeologists has uncovered the ruins of an oval structure that, according to them, could have been the foundations of an important Roman amphitheater. Discovered in the town of Volterra in Tuscany, the ancient oval-shaped arena is similar in design to the much larger Colosseum, situated in the heart of Rome. The researchers believe…


Archaeologists discover 22 surprising shipwrecks near a Greek archipelago

A few days ago, the Greek ministry of culture denoted a 3,500-year old warrior grave as the 'most important to have been discovered in 65 years in continental Greece.' But now it seems, another incredible discovery has triumphed it at least in terms of sheer scale. To that end, a joint Greek-American archaeological expedition (with…

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