How Technology Has Changed the Ability to Secure Our Homes

Home security is a big deal in the modern age. Aside from security gadgets being cool to mess around with, today’s home security technology truly gives a homeowner like you and your family a lot of control over how your home security operates. Since this technology has been adapted to work with pre-existing mobile devices,…


6 palaces in India architecture lovers must visit

India has witnessed great rulers and emperors. Be it Ashoka and Akbar of North or Tippu Sultan and Shivaji of South, India has had its share of brave heroes. What our kings left behind for us are palaces that leave you amazed.If you love and appreciate architecture, these are six palaces you definitely don’t want…

Baubotanik A Living, Breathing Tower Built Using An Actual Tree-1

German architect builds Baubotanik, a living, breathing tower using an actual tree

In a bid to protect trees and the fast-dwindling forest cover, architect Ferdinand Ludwig has come up with the brilliant concept the calls Baubotanik. Instead of using timber for building houses, Ludwig proposes erecting a living, breathing structure that relies on an actual tree for support. The innovative technique combines tree shaping and the latest…

This Building Features Walls Fitted With Motion-Sensing Displays-3

Washington DC building features motion-sensing, audio-playing walls fitted with giant interactive displays

Innovation, be it in science, technology or design, is a constantly-evolving process. Architects, for instance, are continually trying to re-imagine things that are otherwise commonplace and forgettable. As part of a new project, the team at Manhattan-based ESI Design has transfigured boring, white walls into incredibly futuristic displays that can change colors in response to…


Trans-Actions series of buildings showcases the ‘what if’ side of futuristic architecture

Previously, we have talked about various specimens of futuristic architecture, be it regarding the existing research buildings in Antarctica or the conceptual makeover of Paris circa 2050 AD. And now, Spanish artist/architect Dionisio González has demonstrated his surreal vision of the future through the so-called Trans-Actions series of buildings. Symbolizing the evolving the nature of…

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