artificial intelligence

Chip-Based Artificial Synapse That Can Learn Autonomously-1

Next step in AI: Chip-based artificial synapse that can learn autonomously

The field of artificial intelligence (AI) has seen massive advancements in recent years, most notably pertaining to technologies that replicate the workings of the human brain. Referred to as artificial neutral network (ANN), this kind of AI system makes use of algorithms that can in turn be trained to process information, such as speech or…

Futuristic Mind-Reading Technology Can Reconstruct Your Memories-3

Futuristic mind-reading technology can reconstruct your thoughts and memories

Technological advancements in recent years has unlocked a sea of startling possibilities, including the much-dreaded ability to read people's minds. As part of a recent research, scientists from the University of Oregon have built an ingenious system that, they claim, can read your thoughts and memories through brain scans, putting the information on screen for…


Tested AI shows the ‘human’ IQ of an average four-year old child

While our recent times and evolving technologies have tended to stoke the debate concerning the rise of AI, most of it has to do with the 'intelligence' (or capability) intrinsic to the machine. But how does the progressing AI measure up to actual human intelligence? Well a team of scientists from University of Illinois (at…

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