NASA unveils their retro-styled travel posters depicting alien planets

Yes, NASA dabbles in some tongue-in-cheek PR too! A few days ago, they released three retro-styled posters that hark back to the vintage times of traveling to wondrous places. All of the three posters in this case relate to three alien planets - Kepler-16b, Kepler-186f and HD 40307g; all of which were discovered by the…


ESO’s NGTS array of telescopes to precisely detect transiting exoplanets

The Next-Generation Transit Survey (NGTS) array of telescopes at ESO's Paranal Observatory in Chile, has at last become fully functional with its receiving of the first light. Designed by an European team with experts from Britain, Germany and Switzerland, the NGTS is envisaged as an advanced installation tailored to finding out exoplanets that are bigger…

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