Nadine, An Affable Humanod Robot With A Personality Of Her Own-3

NTU develops Nadine, an affable humanoid robot with a personality of her own

Meet Nadine, an affable humanoid robot with soft supple skin, beautiful brunette hair and a personality of her own. Created by scientists at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU), this highly-social robot can hold conversations with people, smiling and shaking their hands while doing so. The automaton, modeled after its developer Professor Nadia Thalmann, can be…


5 incredible automaton conceptions from history that preceded modern-day robots

Contrary to our popular notions, the core concepts (and literary mentions) of automatons or 'robots' are almost 2,500 years old. For example, according to a Chinese legend (as mentioned in the 4th century BC Daoist text Lie Zi), one Yan Shi successfully created an automaton that resembled a human form. Other ancient literary works and…

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