This Smart Bandage Turns Green In Presence of Infections-2

British scientists create ‘smart’ bandage that turns green when wounds develop bacterial infection

Bacterial infection, although common, can nevertheless lead to severe medical complications, especially when left undetected at the early stages. As part of a new research, a team of British scientists has developed the world’s first bandage that turns green when exposed to infection-causing bacteria. Containing a special, gel-like substance filled with tiny capsules, the smart…

Could Bacteria Survive On Mars NASA Intends to Find Out-1

NASA launches balloon, carrying bacteria, to the stratosphere to check if they can survive on Mars

Microorganisms, like bacteria and virus, are known for their tenacity to survive in the most extreme environments. In a research, published last year, the International Space Station found that certain spore-forming bacteria can even survive interplanetary travel, hitched onto parts of a spacecraft. This increases the risk of contamination, especially in planets and other celestial…

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