Self-Setting, Injectable Foam Could Potentially Cure Osteoporosis-2

Self-setting, injectable foam could potentially cure osteoporosis and other degenerative bone diseases

Childhood and adolescence are almost synonymous with broken bones and fractures. To facilitate bone healing and growth, a team of French researchers has developed an innovative, self-setting foam that could help regenerate broken and defective bones much faster than traditional methods. What is more, this injectable biomaterial could pave the way for minimally-invasive bone repair…


Scientists developing bio-engineered ACL, created from nanocrystals

The unfortunate cases of people damaging their ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is pretty common in the realm of knee injuries, with over 100,000 ACL tears occurring in USA alone, every year. In case you are wondering, this ligament connects the femur with the tibia, and as such, most contemporary methods of rectifying the tear pertains…

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