Rasa: A spectacular hydrogen-powered electric car that boasts the lowest carbon emissions ever recorded

The engineers at Wales-based company Riversimple have built a new and incredibly innovative hydrogen-powered car with impressive fuel economy of around 250 mpg (or 0.9 L/100 km). Known as “Rasa”, the electric car is currently being marketed as the world’s most eco-friendly vehicle, boasting very low carbon emissions of only 40g/km. Additionally, it features specially-designed…

Want A Self-Driving Car How About This Ingenious Mind-Controlled One

Waiting to buy a self-driving car? How about this ingenious mind-controlled one?

While self-driving car is still a few steps away from being commercially available, a team of Chinese scientists has come up with an equally innovative technology that could allow you to operate your vehicle with nothing but brain power. Developed after two years of intensive research, the country’s first mind-controlled car comes with a special sensor-fitted…

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