carbon nanotubes


New research shows that carbon nanotube transistors are twice as efficient as silicon varities

Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have shown for the first time that transistors fashioned out of carbon nanotubes are actually twice as efficient as regular silicon varieties. This comes after decades of research regarding how carbon nanotubes can be used to design the next generation of computers. Speaking about the breakthrough, recently published in…

Scientists Develop Stretchy Biosensor Using Chewing Gum-1

Scientists develop stretchy biosensors using carbon nanotube-laced chewing gum

Today’s biomedical sensors come in a variety of shapes and forms, including temporary tattoos that can measure the wearer’s blood glucose level, innovative 3D-printed electronic Jell-O and even tiny edible electronic pills that are in turn powered by our own stomach acids. As part of a recent project, scientists have developed yet another ingestible medical…


Super-elastic carbon nanotube-based conducting fiber could be used to build shape-shifting aircraft

Scientists, working at the University of Texas at Dallas, have developed a special type of conducting fiber, whose electrical conductivity increases dramatically when stretched. Made from tiny sheets of carbon nanotubes (CNT), wound around a cylindrical rubber core, the ultra-elastic fiber can be stretched to around 14 times its original length, without losing any of…

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