Humans will soon replace robots on Mercedes-Benz's production line-2

Humans will soon replace robots on the production line of Mercedes-Benz

While companies across the world are increasingly turning toward robots to make the manufacturing process less labor-intensive and more efficient, German carmaker Mercedes-Benz seems to be going the opposite way. According to a recent announcement, the company is planning to replace some of the robots on the production line of its Sindelfingen plant with humans.…

New Tesla Software Update Enables Self-Parking By Cars-1

New Tesla software update enables self-parking in Model S and Model X cars

Customers of Tesla Motors can now park their cars remotely, thanks to a software update recently released to the general public. The update, which is part of the company’s efforts to make its cars more autonomous, allows the driver to park his or her vehicle without actually being present inside it. (more…)

Gerry Judah’s latest sculpture sits in front of the Porsche museum in Stuttgart

At the Goodwood Festival of Speed (FOS), last year, Gerry Judah charmed the world with his spectacular Gateway Arch-shaped sculpture, featuring a pair of zooming automobiles on its grand curve. This time around, the India-born artist has crafted an equally stunning, and somewhat confounding, sculptural-cum-architectural marvel, which now adorns the space in front of the…

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