Blocks_Modular Smartwatch_CES 2015

Blocks’ modular smartwatch flaunts its open-source advantage, in CES 2015

The shine of the wearables is really wearing itself out, with tired ole designs reiterating themselves on almost every electronic show. In such a redundant scope, the Blocks’ modular smartwatch stands out like a breath of fresh air - with its open-source credential that alludes to collective functionality. In other words, the smartwatch can be…

Mad Catz_LYNX 9_Game Controller_CES 2015_6

LYNX 9: An alien-esque mobile game controller from Mad Catz

Is it a tripod? Is it a cybernetic alien? No, it is 'supposedly' a gaming controller from the mad team at Mad Catz. Flaunting its Bluetooth connectivity, the LYNX 9 is primarily envisioned for mobile platforms like smartphones and tablets. But beyond what seems like a gimmicky shape, is a modular built that is tailored…


Sony’s Android-powered 4K TV is thinner than an iPhone 6!

The CES 2015 has started with its usual fanfare, and the ceremonial approach was given a perfect boost by Sony, as expected. However, what wasn't expected from the Japanese giant pertained to its unveiling of the world's thinnest 4K television, in the form of the Bravia X900C series. Well, now the question naturally arises -…

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