China's Seashore Chapel Looks Like A Floating Ship At High Tide

China’s ethereal Seashore Chapel looks like a floating ship during high tide

Located in the picturesque coastal town of Beidaihe in China, the enchantingly beautiful Seashore Chapel transports visitors to an almost ethereal world of blue sky, pristine sea, bright sunlight and sandy vistas. Designed by the team at Vector Architects, this stunning white structure is fashioned in the shape of an old shipwrecked boat, standing atop…

Asymmetrical_Cardedeu Chapel_EMC Arquitectura

Cardedeu Chapel: An asymmetrical structure that fuses familiarity and wonder

Bringing the essence of post-modernism to the realm of God, EMC Arquitectura has designed the incredible 'Cardedeu', a concrete-made chapel perched atop the edge of a hill, in El Salvador. Located on callow green patch that ultimately gives way to the paradisiacal shores of the Coatepeque lake, the structure in itself is asymmetrical. This unique…

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