Charles Bombardier

Hypersonic Aircraft Could Fly From NYC To London In 11 Minutes-1

Innovator envisions scramjet-based hypersonic aircraft that could reach London from New York in 11 minutes

Remember Skreemr, a scramjet-based aircraft concept that could one day make¬†transatlantic flights only 30 minutes long? Well Canadian engineer and the man behind Skreemr, Charles Bombardier, has recently come up with an even more innovative idea, in the form of the Antipode. This 10-seater concept jet relies on rocket boosters for take off, detaching them…

Skreemr_Passenger_Aircraft_Concept _Mach_10

Skreemr: A scramjet passenger aircraft concept that covers transatlantic flights in just 30 minutes!

A scramjet-based engine by definition, inducts and then compresses air before the fuel injection and combustion processes. In essence, the (still-nascent) technology is based on the advantageous capacity that makes use of oxygen from the atmosphere, as opposed to relying on combustion of liquid oxygen. Well this time around, a Canadian engineer named Charles Bombardier,…

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