China's Seashore Chapel Looks Like A Floating Ship At High Tide

China’s ethereal Seashore Chapel looks like a floating ship during high tide

Located in the picturesque coastal town of Beidaihe in China, the enchantingly beautiful Seashore Chapel transports visitors to an almost ethereal world of blue sky, pristine sea, bright sunlight and sandy vistas. Designed by the team at Vector Architects, this stunning white structure is fashioned in the shape of an old shipwrecked boat, standing atop…

China Is Gearing Up To Unveil World's Longest Glass-Bottomed Bridge-8

China is gearing up to unveil the world’s longest and highest glass-bottomed bridge

In October last year, a newly-opened glass walkway, hanging some 3,540 ft (around 1,080 m) above the ground at China’s Yuntai Mountain Geological Park, developed cracks, causing panic and hysteria among tourists. While the bridge has since been shut down, the country’s Hunan province is gearing up to unveil another one of these fearsome structures.…


An ancient prosthetic leg with unique design discovered in China

The core technological value of mechanical science was not really lost on our ancestors, as is evident from numerous historical applications ranging from advanced weaponry to robust automatons. But this time around things take a more conscientious turn with archaeologists excavating a 2,200-year old prosthetic leg specimen that was specially furnished for its user with…

Want A Self-Driving Car How About This Ingenious Mind-Controlled One

Waiting to buy a self-driving car? How about this ingenious mind-controlled one?

While self-driving car is still a few steps away from being commercially available, a team of Chinese scientists has come up with an equally innovative technology that could allow you to operate your vehicle with nothing but brain power. Developed after two years of intensive research, the country’s first mind-controlled car comes with a special sensor-fitted…

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