Thirsty Take A Sip From This Innovative Self-Filling Water Bottle-8

Thirsty? Take a sip from this incredible self-filling bottle that extracts water vapor from air!

Remember Ooho!, the ingenious seaweed-based water bottle that is in fact entirely edible? Equally innovative perhaps, is the so-called “self-filling water bottle” that is currently being developed by Austrian company Fontus. As its name clearly suggests, the contraption is designed to extract water vapor from the atmosphere, converting into clean, drinking water at the rate…

Split Keyboard Could Improve Our Productivity At Work-2

This split mechanical keyboard can supposedly increase your productivity at work

Today’s office-goers spend a sizable amount of time tied to their desks, working at their computers. In an attempt to improve our posture, and consequently our productivity, while typing, Hungarian company Ultimate Gadget Laboratories has come up with an ingeniously-shaped split mechanical keyboard that can be customized in a number of ways, depending on the…

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