Darth Vader

Stunning Artwork Depicts Epic Battle Scenes Of Stromtroopers VS. Aleins-4

Stunning artwork depicts epic battle scenes of Stormtroopers vs. Aliens

Spanish artist Guillem H. Pongiluppi's latest collection is somewhat along the same line as Batman V Superman, although at much grander scale (some might say). Instead of pitting superheroes against each other, the artwork showcases two of the biggest names in the science fiction universe, Darth Vader and Alien Queen, engaged in an epic battle.…


The ‘ordinary’ side of Darth Vader showcased through Pawel Kadysz’s photo series

A few days ago, we showcased Jorge Pérez Higuera's tongue-in-cheek photo series that revealed the startlingly ordinary lives of Stormtroopers when they are not busy missing their aims. The pedestrian lifestyle equated to spending their free time washing dishes, eating cereal, doing laundry, paying bills, checking food labels at the grocery store, knitting sweaters and…

Artist Envisions Star Wars Characters As Ancient Greek Statues-1

Artist Travis Durden envisions Star Wars characters as ancient Greek statues

Travis Durden’s art is slightly unusual, to say the least. He is known to seamlessly combine his love for iconic Greek sculptures and contemporary pop culture into artworks that are altogether unique and a tad bit outlandish. In his latest collection, for instance, the artist re-imagines some of the greatest Star Wars characters as ancient Greek…

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