Seaweed capsules can aid diabetes patients to forego daily insulin injections

In terms of some startlingly baleful statistical figures, around 387 million people are estimated to have some form of diabetes worldwide - which equates to about 9 percent of world's population and a whopping $612 billion global economic cost brought on by the metabolic disease. Furthermore, beyond monetary affairs, the affliction caused by type 1…

3 in 1 Stand Up Stand in a Tube-11

Dale Rorabaugh designs 3 in 1 Stand Up Stand in a Tube, an antidote to prolonged sitting!

An overwhelming amount of research, in recent years, reveals the harmful effects that prolonged sitting has on one's health. Sitting, for extended periods, actually makes one susceptible to a host of diseases, such as diabetes, obesity, heart problems and even cancer. Previously, we talked about "The End of Sitting", an innovative workplace design that encourages supported standing…

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