Fossil Remains Point To Scotland's Frightening Prehistoric Sea Monster-1

Fossil remains point to Scotland’s frightening prehistoric sea monster

Meet the Storr Lochs Monster, a frightening sea monster that lived at a time when dinosaurs walked the face of the Earth. Although originally discovered in the 1966, the fossil was until now buried in a museum in Scotland, and have only recently been uncovered. Dating back to the Jurassic era, the dolphin-like creature possessed an…

99-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Wings With Feathers Discovered-1

99-million-year-old dinosaur wings with feathers intact discovered inside amber

Popular culture has its fair share of grandiose depictions when it comes to the realm of dinosaurs. But this time around on the academic side of affairs, the sense of fascination rather traverses the size-factor, to account for something more intricate. The result is the discovery of two dinosaur wings that are so well preserved…

Museum Creates 3D-Printed Replica Of World's Largest Dinosaur-1

Museum creates life-size 3D-printed replica of the world’s largest dinosaur

Wandering about in search of his lost sheep, one morning in the spring of 2014, an unassuming Argentinian farmer stumbled across something that has since been hailed as the greatest discovery in the last century. Located in the Patagonian desert was an oddly-shaped ledge, which later turned out to be the 8 foot-long thigh bone…

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