Transforming your digs into a fully-automated home of the future-4

Transforming your digs into the home of the future

What is better than coming home to a warm house that greets you immediately when you arrive from a long day at work? With modern technology not only is this possible, but also practical. Having a fully-automated home modeled to your specification is every home owner’s dream. This dream house depends on an automated system…

Patrick Priebe_DIY_Death_Star Shoots_Laser_1

DIY Death Star shoots a laser, and is surely cheaper than the original

Destroying metal sheets can also be fun, and is possibly a safer alternative to destroying entire planets. At least that is the idea behind German laser-gadget master Patrick Priebe's homemade Death Star. Serving as a geeky prelude to 17th December's Star Wars - The Force Awakens, the nifty DIY contraption supposedly incorporates 25 m (82…


DIYer ingeniously crafts a modular lamp that can morph into unique shapes

As a thumb rule, well designed products do not come cheap. But DIYer Mike Warren has gone against the convention to prove his point - and the end result is the gloriously shape-shifting Stacked Lamp that is directly inspired by its costly commercial counterpart Babele. In essence, this hand-crafted version allows the user to have…


RaspBMO: A BMO-inspired video game emulator powered by Raspberry Pi

BMO (or Beemo) has already played its part as a video game console in the Adventure Time series - and this obviously has to do with its Game Boy Color-inspired form that comes with Atari 2600 controllers. Well, this time around, Mike Barretta (3Derp) of Thingiverse has gone the meta way to create a real…

Behold the $10 bike designed by Izhar Gafni, created entirely from cardboard!

Flaunting its version of eco-friendliness, the above pictured bike is entirely made of folded cardboard! The brainchild of Israeli bicycle hobbyist Izhar Gafni, the basic design consideration of the impressive specimen hints at the art of origami. How so? Well, according to the DIYer, the cardboard was painstakingly folded over again and again - up…

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