Synthetic Spider Silk Could Revolutionize Drug Delivery And Wound Care-1

Synthetic spider silk could revolutionize drug delivery and wound care

Boasting a wide range of impressive properties, including high extensibility, extremely high tensile strength and toughness, spider silk is a nature's wonder that scientists have long tried to recreate in the laboratory. After five years of research, a team from the United Kingdom has finally managed to produce artificial spider silk that could revolutionize the…


Epiderm-pro dressings can directly launch skin cells to heal burn wounds

Previously, we have talked about nano-drones that can repair arteries to prevent heart attacks and graphene compounds that can mitigate cancerous cells. This time around, the scope is more 'direct' in nature - with scientists devising a technology that can heal burn wounds more quickly. The collaborative effort from Mexico's Autonomous University of the State…

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