drug delivery

Synthetic Spider Silk Could Revolutionize Drug Delivery And Wound Care-1

Synthetic spider silk could revolutionize drug delivery and wound care

Boasting a wide range of impressive properties, including high extensibility, extremely high tensile strength and toughness, spider silk is a nature's wonder that scientists have long tried to recreate in the laboratory. After five years of research, a team from the United Kingdom has finally managed to produce artificial spider silk that could revolutionize the…

3D-Printed Microfish Robots Double As Efficient Toxin Sensors-5

Innovative 3D-printed swimming microfish can deliver drugs and locate toxins inside the human body

Many of the recent breakthroughs, in medical science, have been the result of the implementation of nanotechnology principles. These include the use of nanodiamonds for targeted drug delivery and therapeutics; gold nanoparticles for the detection of breast cancer as well as specially-designed nano drones that help prevent heart attacks by repairing arterial inflammation. Using an…

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