Dubai Skyline

7 of the most magnificent architectural wonders of Dubai

Dubai has become a world-famous destination for its unbelievable feats of architecture. Who’d have thought of building an enormous fake island in the ocean, that too in the shape of an open palm leaf? Dubai would, and Dubai did. Dubai is home to the fabulously intricate Dubai Mall, the world’s biggest shopping mall. Then there’s…

Dubai TO Equip Firefighters With Specially-Designed Jetpacks-4

Dubai to equip firefighters with specially-designed Jetpacks

Dubai, they say, is a Mecca for tourists and shoppers from across the globe. Over the years, this desert city has been transformed into a luxury destination, replete with stunning hotels, malls and some of the finest restaurants in the entire world. The most populous city in all of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is…

Meydan One To Be Dubai's Newest Leisure Destination-1

World’s tallest residential tower, longest indoor ski slope and largest fountain will soon be found in Dubai’s Meydan One

Dubai’s Meydan City Corporation has recently unveiled plans for a sprawling 3,671,000-sq-m (nearly 39,514,000-sq-ft) mixed-use destination, with a myriad of entertainment, retail and housing facilities, right at the heart of the desert city. Dubbed as Meydan One, the complex will boast the world’s tallest residential tower, the largest dancing water fountain and also, a 1.2-km…


A house or a submarine? Floating Seahorse offers the advantages of both.

Last year, we talked about the advanced H2OME that merged luxuriousness and underwater habitation in a single scope. Well, Floating Seahorse developed by the Kleindienst Group, is pretty similar to this ritzy underwater-living ambit, albeit with a single difference. The floating structure also has upper floors that remain above the level of water - thus…

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