Stunning Geodesic Planters Levitate To Create Amazing Air Gardens-1

LYFE: Stunning geodesic planters that levitate to create amazing air gardens

Instead of relying on soil like normal greenery, Tillandsia, also called air plants, are known to absorb nutrients from air through their leaves, rendering their roots useless. A team of Swedish designers have come up with a new and innovative vessel for these unusual plants. Known as LYFE, the levitating vessels keep the plants floating…

Designers Build Modular Homes Using Recyclable Cardboard-1

Dutch designers build spectacular modular homes using recyclable cardboard

Growing up, haven't we all built cardboard playhouses for our dolls? The brilliant minds at Netherlands-based Fiction Factory have constructed full-sized, livable modular homes using cardboard as the primary building material. Designed to last over 50 years, the Wikkelhouse (meaning, "Wrapping House") is completely recyclable and, can be customized according to the owners' preferences. The result…

This Low-Rise Dwelling Can Withstand Up To 1,500 Pounds Of Snow-1

This stunning wooden dwelling can withstand up to 1,500 pounds of snow per square meter of its area

Architects at Russia-based Skydome have created a series of stunning low-rise dwellings that, despite their somewhat simple and minimalist design, are incredibly strong and robust. Built chiefly from eco-friendly materials, these two-story wooden hemispheres can withstand the harsh elements, typical of the country. The dome-shaped structures, featuring spectacular modern interiors with expansive open floor plan,…

Ibuku-founder Elora Hardy builds sustainable bamboo houses in Bali-1

Ibuku-founder Elora Hardy uses bamboo to build sustainable, low-impact homes in Bali

A growing trend, in architecture, is the use of alternative building materials that are less damaging to the environment. Considered to be one of the fastest-growing woody plants around, bamboo provides a sustainable and low-impact solution to building homes, especially in Asia, Latin America and Africa. Leaving behind the glamorous world of fashion, Ibuku-founder Elora…

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