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Rasa: A spectacular hydrogen-powered electric car that boasts the lowest carbon emissions ever recorded

The engineers at Wales-based company Riversimple have built a new and incredibly innovative hydrogen-powered car with impressive fuel economy of around 250 mpg (or 0.9 L/100 km). Known as “Rasa”, the electric car is currently being marketed as the world’s most eco-friendly vehicle, boasting very low carbon emissions of only 40g/km. Additionally, it features specially-designed…


ROBORACE to showcase driverless electric cars in a championship competition

The brouhaha created by the emerging technologies of self-driving cars is here to stay, as is evident from some commercial developments. And given the state of hype, the autonomous driving scope is all set make its debut in the competitive ambit - courtesy of the aptly named ROBORACE. A collaborative effort from electric racing series…

Minnesota-Based Company Designs Portable Wind Turbines-1

These portable wind turbines can be packed into the trunk of your car!

While renewable energy resources are indeed the future, many of the currently-available technologies lack feasibility when it comes to widespread, everyday use. For instance, even with the falling price of solar panels, installing a home-based photovoltaic array is often quite an expensive affair. Although the most viable option, in certain areas, wind power usually requires…


Modular Robotic Vehicle: NASA’s foray into the practicality of a small urban car

What happens when the navigational technology of an alien planet exploring rover is applied in a bantam urban car? Well, the answer is - Modular Robotic Vehicle (or MRV), a tiny automobile with the 'brand name' of NASA on it. Boasting of a unique steering mechanism (with remote controlled features) with four autonomously actuated wheels…

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