Flexible sodium-ion battery electrodes made from sugar cubes: A major step towards stretchable electronics

Taking a step towards stretchable electronics, scientists from the University of Texas at Austin have designed incredibly flexible battery electrodes from plain old sugar cubes. The electrodes, according to the team, are being developed for use in newly-built, bendable sodium-ion batteries. The findings of the research were recently published in the Advanced Materials journal. (more…)

NERD: A Nanoscopic Humidity Sensor Built Using Graphene Quantum Dots and Bacterial Spores

While the age of robots is still very much prevalent, one can nevertheless discern a slow, yet unmistakable rise of another, quite related field of interest. By combining the intuitiveness of living organisms with the versatility of robots, researchers, across the world, are trying to develop highly-advanced biological machinery. As part of a recent study on bio-robotics…