energy efficiency

New Rail-Bound Vehicle Breaks World Record For Energy Efficiency-1

New rail-bound vehicle by Swedish students breaks world record for energy efficiency

Sweden-based University of Dalarna has recently announced an important achievement that could revolutionize the transport industry. Students at the university have designed an innovative rail-bound vehicle that has in fact set a new world record when it comes to energy efficiency. What is more, the design was awarded the first prize at the Delsbo Electric…

Planning Korea's L’air Nouveau de Paris-1

Planning Korea’s L’air Nouveau de Paris envisions a sustainable Paris with futuristic egg-shaped towers

Taking cue from Vincent Callebaut's mind-boggling "Smart City" design, Planning Korea, a Seoul-based architectural firm, has undertaken the task of transforming Paris into a breathtakingly modern and sustainable city of the future. The plan, known as L’air Nouveau de Paris (meaning "New Paris air"), proposes the installation of gigantic egg-shaped metallic structures, over a total area of 41,882-sq-ft (approx.…

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