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Scientists In Abu Dhabi Are Using Sand To Store Solar Energy-4

Scientists in Abu Dhabi are using sand to store solar energy

A team of researchers in Abu Dhabi has developed an innovative new technology that uses sand to store solar energy. Known as Sandstock, the project aims to reduce costs associated with the conversion of solar power into usable electricity. Using locally-sourced sand to store sun's energy, according to the scientists, is not only cheaper, but also…

New Polymer Stores Solar Energy During Day And Releases Heat At Night-2

MIT scientists develop polymer that harvests solar energy during day and releases heat at night

With countries slowly increasing their solar power capacity, researchers are actively looking for ways to develop efficient energy storage systems. A team of MIT scientists, for instance, has created an entirely new material that is capable of storing solar energy during daytime, and later releasing it as heat when needed. Unlike similar research, however, the study…


Capacitor dielectric material made from sol-gel and fatty acid, offers very high energy storage

While MIT's tiny nanowire-based supercapacitor might be tailored to smartwatches, researchers from School of Chemistry and Biochemistry (at the Georgia Institute of Technology) have devised their own version of an advanced capacitor dielectric material. Created from silica sol-gel and self-assembled layers of a common fatty acid, this new material is touted to have an impressive…

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