Drone technology possibly revealed a section of a Roman road in Northumberland

An ancient Roman road in Northumberland running from Portgate on Hadrian’s Wall (near the Errington Arms) to the mouth of the River Tweed has been called the Devil's Causeway by scholars and archaeologists. And while the route is known, actual archaeological evidence of the track in various places is rather scant. Interestingly enough, recently a…

Monks Fabricated King Arthur's Legends, New Study Says-2

Medieval monks fabricated King Arthur’s legends to raise funds, new study says

A four-year-long research, conducted by archaeologists from the University of Reading, has revealed some startling anomalies regarding the Arthurian history. According to the study, King Arthur’s grave, believed to have been found by monks back in 1181, is nothing but a rubble-filled pit. Furthermore, the structure, which has long been regarded as the earliest Christian…


Architectural firm NBBJ conceptualizes skyscrapers that wouldn’t cast shadows

We have talked at length about skyscrapers and their fascinating photographs. However, from the perspective of a real-world scenario, skyscrapers unfortunately tend to cast long shadows on the neighboring areas and sidewalks - much to the inconvenience of people using those spaces. But as always, there is science that can account for a solution. To…


Have historians found the Viking fortress that launched the invasion of England?!

Although very interesting in their designs, the discovery of Viking fortifications pertains to nothing new in the field of archaeology. But this time around, there might be something very special about the ring fortress uncovered in the island of Zealand. Known as the Vallø Borgring, some historians believe this was the very training camp from…

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