A-Gear A Flexible Exoskeleton For Patients With Muscle Degeneration-2

A-Gear: A flexible exoskeleton that helps patients with muscle degeneration retain the use of their arms

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) is a serious neuromuscular disease, affecting approximately 1 in 3,600 boys, which often results in severe muscle degeneration and in some cases, premature death. Caused by mutation of a specific X-linked gene, the disorder is usually associated with progressive muscle weakness and even loss of muscle mass, gradually leading to a…


Panasonic’s Powerloader exoskeleton fuses sheer strength with fine-tuned agility

A few days ago, we talked about the Robo-Mate exoskeleton developed by Fraunhofer IAO research institute for industrial usages. Well it seems, another company has kept up with such grand notions of human-synthetic fusion in hard factory conditions. We are talking about electronic giant Panasonic, and how their subsidiary company ActiveLink has been developing an…

Mechatronic Arm Exoskeleton (MAXFAS)-1

MAXFAS: An Aliens-inspired arm exoskeleton that improves soldier’s shooting accuracy

With recent advancements in technology, the distinction between science and science fiction is slowly, yet steadily, disappearing. As a child, mechanical engineer Dan Baechle fell in love with the 1986 sci-fi classic, Aliens. Inspired by the movie’s Caterpillar Power Loader, Baechle has created an incredibly innovative mechatronic arm exoskeleton, which he calls the MAXFAS. Designed…

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