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Photographer captures macro photos of the vibrant ladybugs in his backyard

Earlier this week, we showcased United States Geological Survey’s series of macro-photos that exhibited the intricate side of bees. Well, this time around, Ireland-based photographer Tomasz Skocze has gone the 'macro route' with his incredibly captured images of ladybugs. With most of the photos snapped in the backyard garden of his house, the uniformity shared…

Medical Equipment_Blackbeard_Shipwreck_4

The notorious Blackbeard was most probably also a health-conscious pirate!

The popular notion of bedraggled, boorish and filthy pirates might take a back seat with the new discovery that sheds some light into the healthiness of the notorious Blackbeard's crew. In that regard, archaeologists have excavated a range of medical equipment from the shipwreck of the famed buccaneer's marine craft Queen Anne's Revenge. This ship…


Historians find a trove of 37 shipwrecks from the Eastern Roman Empire era

Earlier, we had talked about the what probably had been the oldest shipwreck in the Mediterranean, when historians came across a 2700-year old Phoenician ship. Well, this time around, the archaeologists have arguably scored bigger with the discovery of 37 shipwrecks, all from the Byzantine Empire (or more accurately the Eastern Roman Empire), with their…

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