F.Domes Unveils Geodesic Domes That You Can Set Up Within Hours-7

F.Domes unveils spectacular geodesic domes that you can set up within hours

A couple of months back, we brought to you the spectacular geodesic cabins by Freedomes that allow guests to gaze at the Northern Lights without compromising on comfort. The company, which has been designing event domes for nearly a decade now, has recently unveiled a line of stunning, easy-to-install dome kits that are surprisingly cheap.…

Shipwrecked treasure worth more than $150M located off the Finland coast

2015 has surely been a good year for finding treasures - be it the Fatimid gold coins or the silver decadrachms from Alexander's era. However, this time around, archaeologists may have very well come across the 'mother lode' in terms of sheer value - with researchers pinpointing the location of a shipwreck of a 15th…

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