First World War

Coal-Tar Deried Antiseptic Used In WWI To Combat Antibiotic Resistance-1

Coal-tar derived antiseptic used in WWI could be the solution to antibiotic resistance

According to researchers from Hudson Institute of Medical Research in Australia, a WWI-era antiseptic has been ‘revived’ in lab conditions – and the subsequent analysis has shown promising results when it comes to countering antibiotic resistance and even preventing common cold. The simple medication in question here pertains to acriflavine, comprising a reddish-brown powder derived…


Historians ‘probably’ figure out the astronomical cost of First World War

The last time we talked about historical wealth, we mentioned how it was difficult to gauge the precise scope of monetary value, given the expansive periods that constitute history itself. The occasion of First World War with its 4-year 'lifetime' doesn't pose such time gap-oriented predicaments. However, historians were faced with a myriad of other problems…

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