floating house

The solar-powered Floatwing self-generates all of its energy needs for a week

When it comes to floating houses, we have witnessed quite a few innovative conceptions ranging from groovy pizzerias to submerged villas. However, this time around, sustainable technology is brought into the 'romanticized' mix of living on the sea - with the so-named Floatwing. Envisaged as a floating getaway for couples, the self sufficient habitat was…


Cloud 9: A floating pizzeria amid the paradisiacal waters of Fiji

We have harped about solar-powered floating residences, and we have prattled about submarine/floating house combos. But when it comes to sheer style factor, the aptly named Cloud 9 takes the cake - by virtue of its 'coolness' factor. How so? Well, located off the coast of Fiji, the floating structure doesn't account for habitation -…


A house or a submarine? Floating Seahorse offers the advantages of both.

Last year, we talked about the advanced H2OME that merged luxuriousness and underwater habitation in a single scope. Well, Floating Seahorse developed by the Kleindienst Group, is pretty similar to this ritzy underwater-living ambit, albeit with a single difference. The floating structure also has upper floors that remain above the level of water - thus…

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