Algae Dome takes in sunlight to produce both superfood and oxygen

There is more to this art installation beyond its alluring geometrical arrangement. Designed by the resourceful folks over at SPACE10, a Copenhagen-based future-living lab, the 13-ft tall Algae Dome has been envisaged as a food-producing mechanism that can also supply oxygen within a closed loop system. (more…)

Finnish researchers have created edible protein from electricity

An incredible collaborative effort from scientists at Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, has resulted in a batch of single-cell protein. And while this achievement may seem redundant, we must clarify that this protein was created by simply utilizing energy and matter like electricity and carbon dioxide. In essence,…

Denmark-based WeFood supermarket is the world’s first to sell expired and unwanted food

Following the French government’s decision to prohibit supermarkets from throwing away unsold food, Denmark has recently launched WeFood, a Copenhagen-based store that sells rejected or discarded products. Intended to help reduce food wastage, the unique shop is the world's first to vend household items, cosmetics and food that are unwanted or nearing expiration at remarkably…