The Cylinder House is built ‘around’ the trees for spatial efficiency

A volume based on a cylinder - this notion is pretty rare when it comes to the field of architecture. However the creative firm Town and Concrete has envisaged an entire residential structure (to be constructed in 2019) based upon modular cylindrical spaces that would encompass around a substantial 3,000 sq ft area. (more…)

This Stunning Tiny House In France Doubles As A Mobile Library-1

This stunning tiny house in France doubles as a mobile library and used bookstore

Jean-Jacques is the proud owner of a stunning tiny home that doubles as a mobile library. Designed by the folks at La Maison Qui Chemine, this spectacular structure known as Librairie Itinérante (or “traveling bookstore”) allows its benevolent owner to travel across France, bringing books to people living in remote villages without proper libraries or…

French Government Unveils World's Very First Solar Panel-Fitted Road-2

French government unveils world’s very first solar panel-fitted road

Back in February of this year, we revealed France's plan to install solar panels on 1,000 km of its roads. As part of that initiative, the country's Minister of Environment Marie-Ségolène Royal recently unveiled what they are claiming is the world's very first solar road. Extending over a distance of one kilometer, the pathway in…

French Artist Designs Stunning Table With Giant Tree Stump For Leg-1

French artist designs stunning wooden table with giant tree stump for leg

French artist Thomas de Lusssac knows how to appreciate nature, as is evident with his stunningly innovative furniture project titled Racine Carré. Meaning ‘square root’, this spectacular wooden table stands on a halved tree stump on one side and a smaller, polished leg on the other. Raw and roughly polished, the stump radiates strength and…

Paris To Get Tree-Topped Residential Complex That Looks Like A Ship-3

Paris to get stunning tree-topped glass residential complex that looks like a ship

Ever wondered what living on a ship would be like? If you reside in Paris, your wish might just come true. Tokyo-based Sou Fujimoto Architects and France’s Manal Rachdi OXO Architects have recently won a competition for their stunning ship-shaped residential complex design. To be constructed in the Pershing region of Paris, the spectacular tree-topped…

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