futuristic architecture


Japan’s see-through S-House is a glass-covered space devoid of walls or partitions

Japanese architecture of recent decades is unique for its daring style and futuristic design, a prime example of which is the stunningly ingenious S-House by Yuusuke Karasawa Architects. Lined by enormous glasses on all of its sides, this spectacular, split-level home features a complex network of shapes and forms, representing the myriad of cross-cutting trends…


Trans-Actions series of buildings showcases the ‘what if’ side of futuristic architecture

Previously, we have talked about various specimens of futuristic architecture, be it regarding the existing research buildings in Antarctica or the conceptual makeover of Paris circa 2050 AD. And now, Spanish artist/architect Dionisio González has demonstrated his surreal vision of the future through the so-called Trans-Actions series of buildings. Symbolizing the evolving the nature of…

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