10 fascinating applications of futuristic technology that will boggle your mind

Previously, we had harped about technologies that mirror science-fiction in their scopes and functionalities. Well, this time around, the essence of ingenuity is favored over grand schemes and advanced machines. So, without further ado, let us take a gander at ten such (possibly) upcoming applications of futuristic technology that are sure to boggle your mind.…


The ‘Transformer’ Mercedes Concept IAA can shape-shift for better aerodynamics

It is not often that we use the terms shape-shifting and car in the same sentence, except for when going gung-ho for the Transformers. However, some resourceful folks over at Mercedes has conceptualized a seemingly conceivable version of a shape-shifting car, with the new Mercedes Concept IAA (short for Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile). Looking like a…


Huge Smart Floating Farms to be ‘sustained’ by green technology and hydroponic crops

While floating city conceptions are galore, sometimes with their highfalutin scopes and 'unrealistic' goals, the ambit of floating farms still belong to a relatively novel niche. A Barcelona-based firm named Forward Thinking Architecture has conceptually built upon this new direction with their designs of the so-called Smart Floating Farms. Envisioned as expansive floating barges, with…


Trans-Actions series of buildings showcases the ‘what if’ side of futuristic architecture

Previously, we have talked about various specimens of futuristic architecture, be it regarding the existing research buildings in Antarctica or the conceptual makeover of Paris circa 2050 AD. And now, Spanish artist/architect Dionisio González has demonstrated his surreal vision of the future through the so-called Trans-Actions series of buildings. Symbolizing the evolving the nature of…


RevoBot: The futuristic gravity board with its own set of Bluetooth speakers!

Back in March, we were seriously impressed by the Sidewinding Circular Skate. Well, this time around, another skateboard-like contraption has to come to the fray, arguably with a host of more features. Christened as the RevoBot, the contraption is touted to be the 'most advanced body gravity board' by its designers. When translated to attributes,…

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