Mario in Unreal Engine-1

YouTuber Aryok Pineral uploads video of Mario in Unreal Engine 4!

Recently, we talked about a valiant attempt, made by YouTuber LowSpecGamer, to run Witcher 3 on a super-low spec system. And unsurprisingly, the RPG, which is lauded for its good graphics, looked more like a PS2 game, when played via the unenviable configuration. However, this time around, a fellow YouTube user, Aryok Pineral, has uploaded…

Witcher 3 On Low Specs-1

YouTuber shows tweaks to make Witcher 3 playable on super-low spec systems

Most among us will agree that Witcher 3 is an extremely demanding video game. Known for its breathtaking graphics, vast open world design and compelling story-line, Witcher 3 is unquestionably one of the greatest RPGs ever made. Sadly, it has remained beyond the reach of those with low-spec computers. Not anymore, though. In a recently-uploaded video, a…

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